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ciWeek 9: Exploring the Unknown

by Dr. Anthony Paustian Author of  A Quarter Million Steps Despite frequent claims to the contrary, I’ve come to believe that people love the unknown. Why else in every horror movie do people go into the big scary house or the rooms from where creepy noises emanate? They can’t help it. Regardless of fear, insecurity, or basic self-preservation, people frequently push the envelope anyway and are willing to do things they never thought in their wildest dreams they would ever do. Take me for example. I have an incredible fear of open-air heights, yet there I was, somehow freefalling at 120 miles per hour from three miles up with only a parachute to save me. The theme for ciWeek 9 (Celebrate! Innovation Week) is “Exploring the Unknown,” and the amazing line-up of speakers will challenge us to stop accepting the status quo and look at the world and the universe in new ways. I believe t he most meaningful approach to storytelling is direct interaction w